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Best Network Software For Cloud Server

After several testing and roundups of free network software for server in the past, and technology has sped up even more. We've listed a new shortlist of four of the most useful tools that you should add to your cloud server. As the network grows bigger, they become more complex. Maintaining a grip on your network will eventually become difficult without instruments to help you organize and track what you've acquired, where it is and how it's configured.

Thankfully, we had been monitoring all traffic going through the data-center from many servers and from their Cisco Devices. After learning all through the logs, we start solving problems with different networking software. While it is likely to monitor network devices manually, it is usually better and easier to use tools that have been created for this very purpose. Not only will network specified software do the heavy lifting for you (e.g. automatically run Cisco commands frequently), they also provide great reports and in some cases, offer resolution options. Read more to get the Best Networking Software for Server.

But before that, you need to make sure that your server or hosting has these sufficient specifications to run these applications.

PRTG Network Monitor Software

PRTG Network Monitor is one of the most user-friendly network monitoring tools to enable certain features like traffic analysis. PRTG Network Monitor is an uptime and bandwidth monitoring software that supports a broad variety of sensor types. This network monitoring software is currently being used by over 200,000 customers worldwide.

Cisco Network Assistant

The Cisco Network Assistant is a freely available network management tool from Cisco to manage a range of Cisco devices including routers, switches, access points, IP phones, and even the Cisco ASA. Network administrators get a centralized view of the network with Cisco Network Assistant. They also have the flexibility to employ its features across Cisco products for small to midsize businesses or branch offices. We can also download Cisco Network Assistant Software for free.

TeemIP: Easy IP Address Management

TeemIp is an Open Source web 2.0 application that enables professional IP Management activity within IT departments of all sizes.This application provide a good and simple user interface will allow network administrators to manage their IPv4 and IPv6 Plans, subnet space and IPs. TeemIP is a Web-based application that will run o AMP stack (Apache/IIS/Nginx with MySQL 5.5.3+ and PHP 5.3.6+), on Windows, Linux, and macOS with all of the major browsers.

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is another network monitoring software that can observe devices from various vendors including Cisco. Like Solarwinds NPM, it also supports features like computerized network discovery, availability and performance monitoring, and multiple reporting capacities.

Now it is up to you whether to install all of these application or not. You can basically install this application on any cloud hosting service provider on the market. Such as Google Cloud Platform Console, Microsoft Azure Server, Amazon Web Service and even on the most notable and cheap-priced like Digital Ocean. All of those applications above are working perfectly also on Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server and even on Virtual Private Server (VPS). Which one is the best for your server? You decide.